Origin Story
We always get asked about our name, and we realized some friends and clients might not know how our agency began. Creative Drinking started as a meetup where creatives got together and, for lack of a better word, drank. Forever trying to solve our in-house friend's problems, we invited our freelance creative network to monthly meetups to make introductions. Then we realized - OH, this is what an agency does... they create the right team to solve creative or bandwidth issues. And that is how we went from an event series to a boutique agency and, of course, our name.

We are excited to go back to the basics of where we started with the launch of our new occasional, sometimes only when we feel like it newsletter. We'll highlight our work, including some fun things our team does outside the agency, and sometimes spotlighting our friends in a series we dubbed "Tangent Time." We promise not to email you too often and hope you enjoy it!Β 

NBA Finals for Nike
The 2023 NBA Finals are a wrap, and we’re honored to be back for the center court celebration two years running! For this second championship outing with Nike, we delivered strong, Bold & Gold vibes that celebrate The Larry trophy in all its glory. These graphics include the official Courtside tees, Locker Room tees, Champion Roster tee, Celebration Parade graphics, and more.

Congrats to first-time champions, the Denver Nuggets, MVP Nikola JokiΔ‡, and of course, the Denver fans, who truly lived up to the slogan that inspired our collection: β€œWe Came. We Saw. We Conquered.”